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You can either click on the title of the song you want to listen to below or you can "right click" on the title then "save target as" onto your desktop. If you choose this option then you can click onto the icon on your desk to listen to the music any time you like. Some people find this method to be quicker as there is no buffering time involved. Ultimately, it depends on your computer. The listings below are "song samples" in an mpeg format. If you like what you hear please go to the "Purchase Music" page to get an MP3 file you can load onto your computer, MP3 player, or other listening device. Enjoy! -- Nigel Siddiqi

Break My Heart

© 2012 Anthony Alan Thomalla

Break My Heart is a fun upbeat song about the awkwardness, everyone has felt, of meeting someone you are interested in but are not sure if they are available. "You could break my heart if you wanted to. Just tell me there's someone you belong to."

Some Other Time 

© 2012 Anthony Alan Thomalla

Some Other Time is a fun song about the meeting of two people from different places in life. It is a song about the fun and intrigue of courtship.

The River 

© 2012 Anthony Alan Thomalla

The River is a song about breaking up and moving on. As the couple is dividing up there belongings one of them finds a pasage in a book about the river.


© 2012 Anthony Alan Thomalla

Blue is a hauntingly beautiful song about relationship dynamics that unfold over time. The singer compares his lover to the sun, stars, and moon. It ends with the words "A friend as constant as the moon...for you have phases too."

The Glass Box 

© 2012 Anthony Alan Thomalla

The Glass Box is a deep and insightful song about the aches and pains of growing up and the child within that we carry into adulthood. It is a beautiful song with heartfelt lyrics and nice guitar work. Yes... this is a picture of the composer as a child.

Occupy Duplicity

© 2012 Anthony Alan Thomalla

Long live the Occupy Movement. This song tells the tale of an aging hippie who, after years of fighting for human rights, flips to aid the Military Industrial Complex and Corporations in order to finally cash in. Subtle but funny.

Everybody Falls

© 2012 Anthony Alan Thomalla

Everbody Falls is a stirring song about the vulnerabilities all humans have for seduction. It is a mix of bluesie riffs and clever lyrics.